Deer Park Extended Program

DPEP is a Parent Co-operative.
What will this mean to your family?

As a parent at DPEP, you are the key influence on the quality and type of programs offered. This co-operative model enables you to be actively involved in your child's early education. Here are some of the ways you can participate:

Duty Days
Some parents participate in half day "duty days" in the classroom. This allows parents to actively engage in classroom activities with their child. Other parents may not be able to do a "duty day" because of work or other obligations. These parents may assist with light cleaning duties such as washing the aprons used for our cooking classes.
Board and Committees
Parents can volunteer to be elected to the Board of Directors or offer support to an ad hoc committee. By serving on the volunteer board of directors or committees, you can guide the administrative and policy direction of DPEP.
Annual General Meeting
Once a year, the membership meet to elect a new board and to approve the Financial Statements. This is a good opportunity to meet other parents and discover how you can help.
Social Events
DPEP children and their families come together as a community at the BBQ which takes place in June.

Our history

The Deer Park Extended Primary Education Program (DPEP) was organized during 1982-83 by a group of parents who wanted to be actively involved in their children's education and who felt their children would benefit from a program which included many of their extra-curricular activities. The program began in September 1983. Since its formation it has been located at Deer Park Junior and Senior School in the Midtown area of Toronto.

Our staff

The staff at DPEP are exceptional and are the primary asset of the centre. All the teachers are highly qualified professional individuals who work together to make a dynamic team. Many of our staff have been with us for a number of years, providing an excellent level of continuity of care.

They each have a strong commitment to the healthy development of the children and to maintaining open communication with the parents. Most importantly, they all love being with children!

Our teacher to child ratio is 1 to 8. In addition to our professional staff, we are also assisted by parents on "duty days".

Learn more about our excellent staff.

About Co-ops

A co-operative is built on parent involvement. It is a non-profit organization, owned and operated collectively by the members.

Through your children, you reach a community of other parents and children. With the support and guidance of the staff, parents learn to work and care co-operatively to create the kinds of experiences you want for your children and yourselves. This can be exhilarating and supportive.

The advantages of parent participation are:

  • understanding children
  • meeting new social contacts
  • sharing interests and ideas
  • building self confidence
  • learning parenting techniques
  • developing skills
  • taking control of your child's education
  • forming a bridge between the parent and the school
  • gaining knowledge and understanding of your child's world and needs

Parents have an integral role in governing co-operatives which is carried out by the joint effort of the professionals and the parents. Parents find co-operative schools are special places, designed by families to help families. These schools are acutely aware of their needs and problems. The co-op school provides a place where families of young children are both welcome and needed. It is an environment of acceptance and understanding.

By making the decision-making process accessible, the co-op changes the way parents look at their child's education throughout his or her school years. This helps parents to take control of their child's education.

When you visit DPEP you will sense a nurturing, friendly and family orientated atmosphere!

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