Deer Park Extended Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

Easy! Download a registration form from this website and mail it in with a cheque for the $60 registration fee.  The Director will contact you to arrange a visit.
OR: call 416-922-9569 for more information and to arrange a visit

Who do I make cheques out to?

DPEP  (Deer Park Extended Program)

When do you open and close?

We are open year-round with the exception of the last two weeks prior to Labour Day, all Statuary Holidays and any additional days during the Christmas Break that the Board of Directors may approve.

Our hours are 8am -6pm, Monday to Friday.

My child has a special diet (i.e. peanut allergy) ... what food do you offer?

DPEP is a PEANUT/ NUT FREE childcare centre.  Parents and children are not allowed to bring in any food at all. We provide nutritious snacks and a caterer provides peanut/nut and trans fat free lunches. Check out the ‘menu’ on our website. We celebrate birthdays with candles and singing. We make provisions for those children who are vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant or other, as well.

Do you go on field trips?


How many children and teachers do you have?

We have a licence for 24 children and we follow the ratio required 8 children to 1 teacher.
All teachers are qualified (NNEB or RECE). CPR/First Aid Courses are taken each year.

Is there a place to park?

Yes. There is a parking area on Heath Street East.  DPEP parents will be given a parking permit from the school office. This is for short drop off and pick up only.

What does a Co-op mean?

A co-operative is built on parent involvement. It is a non-profit organization, owned and operated collectively by the members. Through your children, you reach a community of other parents and children. With the support and guidance of the staff, parents learn to work and care co-operatively to create the kinds of experiences you want or your children and yourselves.

What do I do on a duty day and how often do I help out?

Some parents participate in half day duty days in the classroom. This allows parents to actively engage in classroom activities with their child. Other parents may not be able to do a duty day because of work or other obligations. These parents may assist with light cleaning duties such as washing the aprons used for our cooking classes.

On duty days, a parent or caregiver comes to help out in class. Examples are assisting in monitoring the children in the playground, watching how the teachers encourage co-operative play and engaging with the children, reading a story, playing a game, helping with arts and crafts, putting out snacks, light tidying …. these are all very much appreciated.

What is the classroom like?

Located on the main floor of the school, we have a very large bright room with one wall of windows and a high ceiling. (see ‘facilities’ on main page for photos)

Do you have meetings to discuss my child’s development?

No…..the teachers will speak to you on an on-going basis.  If there are concerns or suggestions, of course a teacher will speak to you immediately.

Do you accept subsidy?

Yes..DPEP has a Pre-School Subsidy Agreement with the City of Toronto

Do I still have to pay if my child is sick for an extended period?


How often is the classroom cleaned?

The floors and toilets are cleaned daily by the caretaking staff of the school. All toys and cubbies are sanitized each week.

Do you check the backgrounds of parents on duty?

All participating adults must complete a Criminal Reference Check (form will be provided)

Can I take pictures of my child and his/her friends?

No..but photos of your child are regularly taken by staff and e-mailed to you