Deer Park Extended Primary Education Program

DPEP is one of Toronto's finest Child Care Centres, with diversified learning opportunities in a welcoming environment. 

Our Philosophy


 We believe that education is a four-way process involving the child, the teacher, the families and the school. Our aim is to create a child centred environment that provides a wide variety of enjoyable experiences for the children.  A positive self-image is fostered helping the children to become independent, self-directed, curious, responsible members of society. 

Our Program


DPEP provides care for preschool children between 2.5 and 5 years of age. At DPEP we provide a balance between basic and necessary communicative skills, visual arts, sciences, language, music, cooking and physical education. We believe, that engaging in these experiences allows children to reach their greatest potential. At DPEP the children and families have the opportunity to experience community based learning of the Deer Park neighbourhood and expand their education of the city through field trips in the Greater Toronto area.

Our Staff


The staff at DPEP are exceptional and are the primary asset of the centre. All the teachers are highly qualified professional individuals who work together to make a dynamic team. With a strong commitment to the healthy development of the children and to maintaining open communication with the families, they love being with children!

Contact Us

Deer Park Extended Primary Education Program

23 Ferndale Ave, Toronto, ON M4T 2B4, CA; (416) 922-9569




Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 6:00pm

Saturday - Sunday: Closed