Classroom and Location


The DPEP classroom is a very bright and happy place to be. The room windows and blinds were renovated in 2018, incorporating a  floor to ceiling view of the beautiful  outdoor landscape.  An abundance of natural light fills the room adding  to a warm and therapeutic atmosphere.  The room which is air-conditioned, is large with high ceilings and this creates a very spacious, open environment.  The centre point of the classroom is a carpeted area, where children can choose from a wide variety of educational toys and building materials.

Three large round tables are used for play as well as for snacks and lunches. The 'cubby area' allows each child to store their belongings and outerwear. There are two separate bathrooms  inside the classroom, each equipped with child size toilets and a window allowing the teachers to monitor the activities of the child if required. Hand washing facilities are at the child's level.

There is a charming carpeted wooden loft that offers reading materials, a listening centre and a felt board. This offers the children a comfortable "quiet' space.



Mature trees provide shade to the enclosed  play area. The children have a super variety of items to choose from, to promote gross motor development, including  tricycles, hoola hoops, balls, basketball and hockey sets, cars, riding toys, walking stilts, bowling, wagon and wheelbarrow. Other outdoor activities might include sledding, chalk work, games, shovels with buckets, parachute fun, building blocks....and many others!



DPEP's classroom is situated inside Deer Park School, which is located at 23 Ferndale Avenue, just North-East of Yonge Street and St. Clair Avenue. The DPEP classroom, Room 105, is located on the main floor of the school, close to the kindergarten classrooms. This is not only in keeping with the 'seamless education' philosophy, but it is also very convenient for families with older children at Deer Park School. A convenient drop-off area is available for parents who drive, north of the school on Heath Street East, which is accessible from either Yonge Street or Alvin Avenue. There is stroller parking available on the north west corner of the school, next to the DPEP door buzzer entrance.